What should your smokehouse have on the menu this summer?

What should your smokehouse have on the menu this summer?

It is always important to keep your menu on trend and up to date, particularly as the season’s pass and preferences change.  Take look into our recommendations on what tasty foods will be a hit on your smokehouse or BBQ restaurant menu this coming season.

1. Plants and plant-based.

Whether you incorporate the meat and make some juicy meat stuffed peppers, keep it vegetarian and serve up some chargrilled veggies, or go vegan and make some plant-based brisket burgers, customers are looking more into what they are eating. Gone are the times when a BBQ restaurant or smokehouse were meat lover exclusive zones, it is important to move with the times and add food to impress and suit all diners. As people are eating less meat, more viable and tasty options are being created. In the summer, juicy veg is refreshing to break up meat packed meals and vegan options leave you feeling lighter than heavy meats, which may be preferred on a hot and busy day in the sun.

2. USDA Brisket. 

Juicy, flavoursome and tender – you can’t go wrong with brisket. Whether it’s a brisket sandwich, those tasty burnt ends or delicious pit beans, it’s something guaranteed to be a hit on your summer menu. Just one brisket like as seen below from one of our smokers will be enough to feed tasty brisket burgers to an entire beer garden or terrace in one afternoon. This is the perfect taster to accompany a drink whilst watching summer sports and events!

Brisket being sliced by the Commercial BBQ Pitmaster Colin


3. Smoked cheeses.

The UK loves cheese, with exports surpassing the £615 million mark in 2017 and sales estimated at £2.6 billion in 2018. Plenty of menu’s offer a cheese board to finish off a meal for those with a savoury taste, but BBQ restaurants should be taking that extra step! Smokey flavours give that summer BBQ nostalgia that everyone loves – so why not introduce it to your cheeses too?
Using a smoker such as our Buddy 24 it is easy to cold smoke a variety of cheeses to give an extra smokey kick. This cheese can be used for cheese boards, jalapeno cheese poppers, burger topping, nachos, cheese sauces and much more. This is something a bit different for customers to experience and they’ll be impressed to know you smoked it in house.

cheese for smoking bbq

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