Juicy, Oozy and Excellent - Great Review for the Blackwood Grill.

Juicy, Oozy and Excellent - Great Review for the Blackwood Grill.

We Serve Humans were the winner of The Best Burger in Britain by Inapub Magazine in 2018. We were therefore very excited when they enquired to purchase a Blackwood hickory 1370 wood burning grill from Commercial BBQ Smokers in March.
The burger loving business collaborated with Signature brew to create a venue called ‘The Collab’ which opened March 30th and is now home to this grill. Time Out London, a popular London magazine recently paid The Collab a visit and left a pleasant review; ‘the burgers are juicy, oozy and excellent’ was our favourite part – which we think sounds just right for food cooked using one of our grills!

We Serve Humans’ founder Paul Human was kind enough to leave us a few words after four months of using the grill:

“At The Collab, we use our grill every day to smash out hundreds of epic burgers and other naughty food. Cooking on an open flame has become a unique selling point and certainly adds to the atmosphere in the bar.”

We look forward to seeing The Collab go from strength to strength and will definitely be visiting when we are next down south!
Take a look at their website and view the menu here. Beware, it’ll make you hungry!

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