Southern Pride SC-200-SM

Front Loading
Stationary Rack System
Unique Air Flow System delivers an even temperature throughout the cabinet.
The SC-200 operates very similarly to our gas ovens. It uses wood chips instead of wood logs and electric elements instead of gas. To operate you simply set the time and temperature you want to cook at and load your product.
304 Stainless Steel, Double Wall Insulated Construction.
Fully Automatic: Southern Pride wood burning barbecue pits eliminate all the guesswork in barbecuing. There’s no need for constant attention, no need to even turn the meat while it’s cooking. Southern Pride is fully automatic.
Thermostatic Control: Precise thermostatic control maintains a constant pit temperature and provides for day-to-day product consistency. This eliminates the need for training skilled employees to barbecue, saving countless dollars in a restaurant’s two most expensive factors: food cost and labour.
A Vortex Convection air system insures temperature uniformity and even cooking. This feature reduces cooking time, reduces shrinkage, retains moisture and allows cooking at a lower temperature.
Cold Smoking Feature: By leaving the main element off and loading a steam table pan with ice on the top and bottom rack, the 300 watt smoking element allows for easy cold smoking operations.
C.E. Approved

Width: 644cm
Depth: 838cm
Height: 1441m
Weight: 275lbs
Temp (F): 80-375
Food Racks: 5-18″x26″
Electrical: 208V-240V, 60htz, 1 Phase, 30amp
Gas: 4,500watt main heat element
Air Circulation: 1 low velocity convection fans
Firebox Capacity: 2 hardwood chip box


Pork Butts (7 lb): 30 total/210 lbs total – 280 degrees for 8-10 hours. 170 for slicing, 190+ for pulling.
Pork Ribs (3.5 lb): 20 total/70 lbs total –
Beef Brisket (12 lb): 15 total/180 lbs total – 190 degrees for 10-12 hours.
Whole Chickens (3 lb): 40 total/120 lbs total
St. Louis Ribs (2.75 lb): 25 total/69 lbs total (with Optional Rib Racks: 65 total/179 lbs total)
Turkeys, Hams, Shoulders, Prime Rib (12 lb): 12 total/144 lbs total
These are approximate cooking capacities. Capacities will vary based on product specifications and loading method.

European Voltage Conversion: 220 volt, 50 cycle, one phase
Rib Racks: Set of 5 – Allows you to lay ribs in vertically for maximum capacity. 65 Baby Back Ribs.
Internal Meat Probe: The mini chef control has a probe to achieve exact internal temperature.
Special 9 Rack System: This rack system allows for maximum capacity for low profile products.
Right Hand Hinge: This option changes the way the door opens for better access. We do not have a door on the back side of the oven.