Introducing: The Buddy Charcoal Oven.

Introducing: The Buddy Charcoal Oven.

The latest addition to the Blackwood Buddy range has arrived at Commercial BBQ Smokers! The Buddy Charcoal Oven has been designed for high-temperature cooking, it seals food and ensures that it is juicy and flavoursome. This process retains the nutrients and goodness of meats in particular, creating an impressive flavour that can’t be made using your standard oven.

The Buddy Charcoal Oven is super fast and produces the best quality, cooking juicy steaks and tender chicken in just under four minutes. With its unique features, this charcoal grill is 40% faster than an open oven or grill but is versatile and can also be closed to be used overnight for slow cooking. This product is also efficient in that it consumes 50% less charcoal than an open grill.

Made from mild steel fully welded in the UK, this oven is built to last. There are built in fire bricks which retain heat and slowly release it through the cooking process. Other specifications include a reinforced mild steel door to ensure heat is retained, complete with two strap hinges. Additionally, stainless steel handles insulated with a heat resistant sleeve ensure that you will not be burnt when opening the door to check on food. There is also a 500°c analogue thermometer, adjustable air regulator and 6 shelf height adjustment to help ensure you are cooking to perfection every time.

Cooking times are as follows, according to the recommended heat setting of 300-350°c:

Smoker Capacity Cooking Times
Sirloin steak:
15 x 12oz or 22 x 8oz
Medium rare: 2 minutes 30 seconds
Medium: 3 minutes 15 seconds
Fillet Steak:
15 x 12oz or 22 x 8oz
Medium Rare: 2 minutes 15 seconds

Medium: 3 minutes

Chicken Breast: 30 x 8oz 4 minutes
Pepperoni 12” Pizza 2 minutes

If you would like further information on our Buddy Charcoal Oven or would like to visit us to see it in action do not hesitate to email Colin at or call on 0161 684 4377.

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