From Manchester to Caserta, Two Machines Make it Over to Italy!

From Manchester to Caserta, Two Machines Make it Over to Italy!

Ciao! We have had another great few weeks here at Commercial BBQ Smokers, in which one of our smokers went over the English Channel! A customer from Italy ordered an HWC 18 Warming Cabinet and Blackwood Buddy 48 Smoker to the newly opened Whiskers Smokehouse in Caserta, north of Naples, Italy.

In order to get the machines from our HQ in Failsworth all the way over to Italy, we had to call in a freight service. So we got the two products packaged and wrapped up safely for transit and used the forklift to get it onto a freight truck.

The machines then began their two week journey through the channel tunnel under the ocean, across Europe and into Italy. Arriving at their new home, they were unloaded from the truck and positioned into place in the Whiskers Smokehouse kitchen. Owner and chef Gianpiero then had the opportunity to practice his delicious recipes in the machine before opening his new venue.

The Whiskers Smokehouse Caserta is now open for business and they are frequently uploading images of their delectable dishes to their Instagram page and we can’t get enough! Gianpiero has been in touch for any advice needed and is loving the machines of which add something unique to the restaurant that nobody else in Italy has as of yet!

It’s always great to see our products go far and wide to spread the gospel of smoke! Please do not hesitate to get into contact when wanting to purchase our machines, there is always a way to get products to you and we are more than happy to help!

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