Southern Pride DH-65

Front Loading
Stationary Rack System
Unique Air Flow System delivers an even temperature throughout the cabinet.
The DH-65 varies from the SC-200 in that it uses a 2 stage menu system, in the first stage the fan, main element, steam element and smoke element are all on. In the second stage the main element goes off to allow for a soft finish to the product while keeping it moist. The other variation is the use of the steam element and steam pan to add moisture to the cooking cabinet.
304 Stainless Steel, Double Wall Insulated Construction.
Digital Controller: Capable of up to 20 programs for additional cooking needs. Allows one touch menu selection based on the size of the load.
C.E. Approved

Width: 644cm
Depth: 838cm
Height: 1422m
Weight: 335lbs
Temp (F): 80-325
Food Racks: 5-18″x22″ (Vertical Rib Rack)
Electrical: 208V-240V, 60htz, 1 Phase, 30amp
Gas: 4,500watt main heat element
Air Circulation: 1 low velocity convection fans
Firebox Capacity: 1 hardwood chip box


St. Louis Ribs (2.75 lb): 65 total/179 lbs total – Vertical Rib Rack
Baby Back Ribs (1.75 lb): 65 total with rib racks/114 lbs total – Vertical Rib Rack
These are approximate cooking capacities. Capacities will vary based on product specifications and loading method.

This is optional equipment that does not come standard with the oven.
Flat Racks: One 18″x 26″ rack
Stainless Steel Flat Racks: One 18″ x 26″ rack
Additional Programming: Multi-Stage Cooking, One-Button Cooking and Internal Meat Probe Cooking.
European Voltage Conversion: 220 volt, 50 cycle, one phase
Right Hand Hinge