Catering Trailers


Trailblazers 6 models range from the 120 MINI, specifically designed as the ultimate car accessory for the outdoor family, and small groups, right up to the 1200 FESTIVAL comfortably handling very large groups in excess of 1500 people.

All our models are designed to be towable anywhere from a beach to a forest park and by a 4wd, family saloon, van or even a quad or a motorcycle. With its innovative gull wing style designed to protect against sun, rain, hail or snow, Trailblazer will become more than just a fairweather friend. Along with its impressive grilling power, Trailblazer simply oozes personality. Frequently becoming the star of the show and the center of attraction at your outdoor event generating a steady flow of future business and bookings.

Trailblazer has made large group BBQ/grilling achievable; anywhere, any time, any place. All year round, in the sun & in the rain, even in the snow! The list of opportunities for you to benefit from with the unique features of the Trailblazer range are enormous. With Trailblazer, the opportunities for you are endless. Cater with ease for parties, office outings, clubs, church groups, youth camps, fundraisers, weddings, beach parties, sporting and music events, fairs and shows, school sports days and many more.

When you own a Trailblazer, it is not just another piece of catering equipment, it will enhance your business, grow new customers and extend your season

More on the Trailblazer BBQ

The unique characteristics of the Trailblazer are:
1 Immense heat, not achievable with gas
2 Huge cooking surface for up to 120 burgers at a time

3 Instantly controllable temperature from searing hot –to, low &
slow cooking. Never again will you be fighting off the flames and burning those burgers or waiting all day with a gas BBQ when the wind picks up!
4 All Stainless steel on internal surfaces

5 Angle adjustment for un level ground
6 Gull wing doors to close off BBQ, and with the 600s
GRILLMASTER and the 1200 FESTIVAL, provides protection from the weather
7 Adjustable top vent, releasing smoke

8 Instant clean out and disposal of ash
9 Permanent certified trailer with lighting system