SPK-500 Mobile

SPK-500 Mobile

Southern Pride SPK-500 Mobile

SPK-500 Flush Mount Trailer Package: Eight foot flush mount black trailer with 2200 lb. single axle, 15″ chrome spoke wheel and radial tires with spare, dual 40 lb. LP tanks with open LP tank wrap, small open wood storage area. Comes standard with jack, 2″ coupler, 7 pole RV light connector and safety chains. The two 40 lb. LP tanks will provide approximately 24 hours of burn time (50% average burn time).
Front Loading
Front and rear flue option
Interior Light
Unique Air Flow System delivers an even temperature throughout the cabinet.
Rotisserie: This Southern Pride feature provides self-basting of the product to enhance its flavour and texture. In conjunction with the convection system, the rotisserie eliminates your need to turn the product while it cooks. The food racks are specially designed for quick removal and easy cleaning. Foot Controlled Rotisserie Switch included. installation in tight kitchens.
304 Stainless Steel, Double Wall Insulated Construction.
Fully Automatic: Southern Pride wood burning barbecue pits eliminate all the guesswork in barbecuing. There’s no need for constant attention, no need to even turn the meat while it’s cooking. Southern Pride is fully automatic.
Thermostatic Control: Precise thermostatic control maintains a constant pit temperature and provides for day-to-day product consistency. This eliminates the need for training skilled employees to barbecue, saving countless dollars in a restaurant’s two most expensive factors: food cost and labour.
C.E. Approved

Width: 1393cm
Depth: 1905m
Height: 1812m
Weight: 1,225lbs
Temp (F): 140-325
Food Racks: 12-12″x42″
Electrical: 120V AC 60htz, 1 Phase, 15amp, NEMA 5-15Plug
Gas: Natural or LP, 1/2″ NPT Line Min
Air Circulation: 1 low velocity convection fans
Firebox Capacity: 1-3 Logs, 4-6″ diam, 12-14″ long


St. Louis Ribs (2.75 lb): 75 total/206 lbs total
Spare Ribs (3.5 lb): 60 total/210 lbs total
Pork Butts (8-10 lb): 50 total/500 lbs total
Beef Brisket (12 lb): 40 total/560 lbs total
Turkeys, Hams, Shoulders, Prime Rib (12-14 lb): 40 total/560 lbs total
Whole Chickens (3 lb): 120 total/360 lbs total
These are approximate cooking capacities. Capacities will vary based on product specifications and loading method.

Smoke Extractor: Smoke evacuation system which activates automatically when the meat doors are opened, used in conjunction with an exhaust fan (not supplied by Southern Pride) to evacuate the oven of smoke prior to opening the meat doors. Reduces heat and smoke emitting into the face of the operator and into the room.
Programmable Digital Roast and Hold Control: Allows you to set the time and temperature as well as a hold temperature so when the oven completes it’s cook it goes directly into a hold cycle so you don’t have to be present when the cook is complete.
12″ x 42″ Nickel Chrome Plated Rib Rack
12″ x 42″ Stainless Steel Rib Rack
12″ x 42″ Nickel Chrome Plated Ham Rack
European Voltage Conversion (220 volt, 50 cycle, 1 phase)
Trailer Height Pipe Legs
Trailer Optional Equipment
Mobile Smoke Evacuation System: Consists of a greenheck exhaust fan, smoke extractor, and smoke extractor extension with clean-out
Caster Jack
LP Tank Assembly Complete
Mobile Hold Down Clips for Racks and Hangers